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What is Tōmare LAB?

Tōmare Lab was founded in 2023 by CEO Mariano Dei Rossi, but the idea and commitment began much earlier on a small island in the Venetian Lagoon, Burano, with different names and experiences that always encompassed the same passion and desire to enter a sector that is still largely unexplored. For years, we have been testing new technologies and materials that could be used in our services. Our skill and experience, cultivated over the years by us and our collaborators, drives us to continuously evolve, striving to bring innovation and change to the industries in which we work. From the study of printing materials to the use of craftsmanship techniques in the cosplay world, we put into practice what we have learned over the years, always giving our best to achieve concrete results that are useful to our work.

We can summarize Tōmare LAB's principles and objectives in a few simple points:

Study of new techniques and materials

Technological innovation

Acquisition of new skills

Attention to the environment

Mariano Dei Rossi CEO Tōmare LAB


Pieland Productions Tōmare Lab


Pieland Productions is a company that deals mainly with digitalization and business growth.
Thanks to its experience in the online and offline sector, Pieland Productions aims to work with its clients to help them achieve their goals and bring them to the necessary business modernization.
To achieve this, the company offers a series of services that can help the client, from hosting configuration to website creation, following the client even in social and offline marketing channels, to obtain the best results by relying on a single company that provides expert collaborators for each service it offers, while maintaining honest, realistic, and competitive prices.
Pieland Productions, in fact, looks more at long-term gain based on the work actually done with the client and the achievement of their objectives, rather than immediate profit.
Pieland Productions is the CMO of Tōmare Lab and is responsible for web, social and marketing channels in general.


Gaia Giselle

Gaia Giselle is an Italian cosplayer, streamer, and influencer with over 100 cosplays under her belt.

She started cosplaying in 2011, but her social media journey officially began in 2016 with her first video uploaded on YouTube, where she started talking about cosplay to help newcomers get into this passion. Recently, she has moved to the streaming platform Twitch, where she continues to talk about the world of cosplay and the art of creating costumes through live streaming.

She is appreciated by her followers for the honest dialogue she engages with them. Gaia often talks about her private life through vlogs and stories, as well as chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which she suffers from.

Thanks to her degree from LABA Academy and years of experience in creative work, she was chosen as the Creative Director of Tōmare Lab.


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